LETTER: Saanich council shows foresight on Vision Zero

Livable Roads for Rural Saanich would like to recognize the mayor and council of Saanich for their unanimous support on two motions from Jan. 10. Staff has been asked to bring forward reports on the various impacts of accelerating the Active Transportation Plan and of formally implementing the principles of Vision Zero.

This high-level approach should buttress and strengthen the concrete road safety actions already being taken by this council. Unfortunately, insufficient change has been realized on the ground.

However, the possibility of this kind of comprehensive directional shift is very welcome and has the potential to bring about the real changes needed for vulnerable users to achieve a safe place on our roads.

These motions, and their unanimous support, indicate how seriously council takes these issues. We look forward to the substance of the reports.

Financial implications may exist, but the long-term benefits for our municipality would be massive.

Pamela Harrison

Livable Roads for Rural Saanich