(Black Press Media file photo)

(Black Press Media file photo)

LETTER: Sidney should open its arms to backyard hens

In these unprecedented times, faced with a threat to our very food security, it would only be appropriate for the Town of Sidney to be looking at legalizing backyard hens.

Nearly all of the municipalities in Greater Victoria allow for backyard hens. Although Sidney is behind the curve, we can still catch up. Backyard hens will increase the sustainability of the individual and community, and greatly increase our community’s food security.

First, allowing the keeping of backyard hens will increase community sustainability. One backyard hen will easily produce about 530 eggs throughout her life. Second, backyard hens will greatly increase our community’s food security. Living in an island community makes us vulnerable to food supply disruptions. Backyard hens give residents means to increase their food security.

Despite these reasons, people may raise the objection that backyard hens will increase the pest population in Sidney. However, Danae Kong, a local poultry farmer explains, “A well maintained group of backyard chickens should not increase the amount of rats or raccoons in a given area.”

Do not overlook the value that backyard hens can add to our community. These hens come with great advantages and no significant risks. This is why we need to open our yards to backyard hens in the Town of Sidney.

If you agree that backyard hens will increase our town’s sustainability and food security, please send an email to the Town of Sidney council. We can’t do this alone. Lucky we are all in this together.

Isaiah Bertrand