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LETTER: Smokers shouldn’t have pets

It’s unfortunate for all of the non-smokers here in B.C., that smoking in public, in parks, around buildings … seems to be on the rise in a big way. And, added to that, the offensive and dangerous fumes from weed are now part of the mix.

After years of seeing tobacco smoking stats going down, this is not progress or welcome for anyone who values fresh air, a clean, sustainable environment and their personal health being protected.

Also something that is just plain sad is the number of pet owners who have no problem subjecting their dogs and cats to the dangers of weed and tobacco second-hand smoke. A quick browse of the internet provides numerous studies on just how dangerous this is for the health of any pet.

It’s bad enough when smokers have no problem with destroying their own health. But to subject innocent animals to this kind of noxious environment, day after day amounts to outright cruelty. If you must smoke, at least have the decency not to have pets. They don’t deserve to be the victims of your bad choices. They deserve so much better.

J. Park