LETTER: Teachers’ politics didn’t pay off

If the NDP would have won the provincial election, there would be no teachers strike

If, as almost everyone predicted, the NDP had won the last provincial election there would be no teachers’ strike and the kids would be back in school.

The B.C. Teachers’ Federation would have gotten pretty well what they were asking for, leading the way for other unions to want similar dealings.

The BCTF strongly supported the NDP in the last election, but a majority of the B.C. electorate chose the Liberal party to lead the province for the next few years.

The teachers union must come to grips with reality that their party lost and except the fact they are not going to get anything near what they would have gotten from the NDP.

In the interim period, one would think some of the membership might question the union’s executive for calling a strike vote when their strike fund was almost empty.

Bob Beckwith, Victoria