LETTER: Travel restrictions should include international flights

I’ve worked from home, washed my hands, masked up and got my first jab. I’ve followed each and every health order in this ongoing provincial pandemic emergency.

I will continue to stay local. Other than a trip to Parksville last June, we have not left the Capital Region in years.

So can someone please explain to me why I am now ordered to not visit Vancouver but international travellers are still able to fly into Vancouver daily?

I am very concerned about COVID-19 variants. What I notice about all of them so far (other than that they are potentially easier to transmit and more deadly) is that they all originate from the other side of our borders.

I will follow the new travel restrictions in B.C. However, I urge our federal and provincial politicians to get serious about tightening up our international borders to goods only, pausing all personal travel until COVID-19 cases fall below 10.

The yo-yo mitigation strategy is losing. Let’s have a debate on zero COVID instead. Rather than locking down our population, let’s lock out the virus instead.

Michael Korican