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LETTER: Trudeau can find his own tent

The recent headline on “71% of B.C. men say they’d prefer to wake up in a tent next to Trudeau: survey” must have gone missing from April 1.

After reading this headline I did a straw poll of B.C. men of my acquaintance, across the age spectrum and even those leaning Liberal or Liberal curious, and quickly learned that they were not interested or after they settled down from coughing, laughing, crying out loud and rolling around, said unanimously that Shania Twain would be the preferred tenting company. Or Pamela Anderson. Or Ann Murray.

As a lifelong polling respondent avoider and natural skeptic, I look at all polls with a large measure of disbelief. And wonder. Like I wonder who would pay for this poll and what was the purpose? Polls are assumed to have the answers already in-hand or ask the questions in such a manner that the preferred outcome for the payee is achieved. Still, why would any political party, a Liberal one no less, ask such a question?

Clay Atcheson