LETTER: Use of herbicide raises concern


We live in the Sandpiper condo on Country Road. On May 15, I walked my dog along Country Road when I saw a man working along the edge of Sooke Elementary School property using a herbicide. I asked him what he was doing, and he replied he was applying Roundup and working for the Sooke School District.

I questioned his use of Roundup on school property where children and others spend many hours.

Two days later, I phoned the school district office to do further investigation. The maintenance supervisor said the school district does have a permit for a yearly application of Roundup.

I am deeply concerned about using a herbicide in an area that is in daily use by children, adults and animals. There is no notification of the neighbourhood that the school district will use Roundup.

Do the parents of the children in the school know about its use?

Rosemarie Townsend



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