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LETTER: Victoria's water supply should be off limits to public

Greater Victoria's water supply too valuable to allow potential threat from public access
Sooke Lake Reservoir supplies most of thje region’s drinking water. (Courtesy of CRD)

I read with interest the letter by Jack Hull, former GM at the CRD, in the Goldstream Gazette, Low fire risk doesn’t warrant CRD’s billion-dollar solution.

I was privileged to ride on the first busload of guests touring the Sooke Lake Reservoir and the general immediate watershed areas under the CRD's management control in early June 2023.

If these water supply lands (partly fenced, and with locked gates) are “ the most intensely monitored and patrolled watersheds” with excellent protocols to deal with any forest fire starts, and the reason is to protect a potentially vulnerable water supply for Greater Victoria/Sooke etc, why allow public access to the Leech water supply area – limited or not?

This privilege to some, will not be respected and easily controlled in the future. Land users/interlopers have not yet learned the dangers of fire starts in forested or grassland areas – smoking, lighting a small fire, using motorized vehicles/equipment, etc.

CRD management has yet to resolve the multi-year “sewage odour” emanating from the plant at Atkins Road and Island Highway — a strong smell was widespread as I drove through that zone. Residents must be sick and tired of this problem. Does this speak to CRD engineering expertise and forward planning? Taxpayers must think and hold their wallets on this one.

Hopefully readers/voters will put thumbs down to stop the billion-dollar water filtration plant, as the answer to stop any contamination of our area’s drinking (all potable) water for households and businesses.

Keep visitors out of our valuable water source gift. We are blessed with good water. Respect it and conserve it.

Mark Vincent

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