LETTER: Vote Pro Rep and get what you vote for

LETTER: Vote Pro Rep and get what you vote for

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When governments get 100 per cent of the power from just 40 per cent of voters, something’s not right.

Election after election, a minority of voters gets to decide our government, and then that government gets a four-year dictatorship. It’s minority rule, plain and simple. And it’s unfair and undemocratic.

This fall, British Columbians have the opportunity to change all that.

The opportunity to choose a new way of voting that works for you, no matter where you live and no matter what your political views. The opportunity to make your vote count.

Like British Columbians in almost 70 per cent of the province, I live in a so-called ‘safe seat’. The outcome of the vote in my riding is determined regardless of how I cast my ballot. My vote doesn’t really matter.

Under Proportional Representation, or Pro Rep, your vote and mine will count – in every election. Pro Rep ensures that a party that gets 40 per cent of the vote gets 40 per cent of the seats in the Legislature. Simple and fair.

No more holding your nose to vote for a candidate and party you don’t believe in, because you’ll be able to vote your beliefs and values, knowing your vote will count.

Gone too will be the days when huge areas of the province – mostly rural areas – have no voice in government. Under Pro Rep, wherever you live your part of the province will always be “in government”—no matter who wins the election.

We all know that politicians should be working together on the issues that are important to us. But how many times have we seen MLAs vote for measures they know their constituents oppose? Under Pro Rep, they’ll have to think twice before pulling that kind of move.

In over 90 countries around the world, Pro Rep has led to more satisfaction with democratic institutions, more diverse involvement in elected politics, higher voter turnout and more youth engagement.

For most of us in B.C., Pro Rep is unfamiliar, and taking on something new can feel risky. Know that with Pro Rep, we all get to keep our local MLA, and important safeguards are in place to ensure fringe parties don’t get undue influence. And, once you get to see how it works, after two elections, you’ll be able to change your mind if you don’t like Pro Rep.

Pro Rep is new way of voting that works for you. This fall, vote Pro Rep and get what you vote for.

Maria Dobrinskaya

Vote PR BC.