LETTER: We’re getting better at getting worse

Reader says science is a bandage to society’s ills

The advancements of science have provided much richness to our lives. However, there’s one application of scientific progress that is sorely lacking.

It is merely the ability or even the desire to anticipate or calculate the long-term effects of our life-affecting scientific advancements over the last 50 plus years.

What are the cumulative long-term effects of processed and modified foods, sweeteners, and poisons, as an example?

We can see that diseases and disorders, in general, are increasing across all age groups. Realistically, through science, we as a society should be experiencing less illness, not more.

It doesn’t take a stretch to make the connection between what we’ve been consuming and how we’re dying. This also puts into context the effect of Covid-19 upon a society that is already sick.

Today’s scientific advancements in health care are often bandages – using many pharmaceuticals as an example – to cover past mistakes. Now add mRNA or other synthetic gene therapies to the mix.

We’re just getting better and better at becoming worse. Despite aggressive claims of being the righteous path to take, science has been hijacked for the power and the money.


Bill Needoba



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