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LETTER: Work leaves Clover Point in the dark

I was glad to hear that the new wastewater treatment plant is up and running in Esquimalt. Unfortunately, construction continues at Clover Point.

One of the consequences of the construction was the removal of various streetlights. This removal has caused the sharp turn where Dallas Road meets Clover Point very dark at night for 30-40 metres on either side of the point. At night, the fences are barely visible and, combined with the potholes and parked construction trucks, make it very dangerous for cyclists who often use this road.

I have written to the CRD engineering and public works department and talked to workers at the site to request a temporary flashing light to avoid ‘an accident waiting to happen.’ I’ve been told that installing a light is not possible but that one will eventually be reinstalled. A shame that a project that at last count has cost $775 million cannot afford to install an inexpensive flashing light until the streetlights can be turned back on.

Francis Juanes