Letter writer encouraged to join sustainability discussion

Sustainability not a dangerous subject at all, reader writes

Re: Rebuttals missed point of eugenics letter (Letters, April 5)

What is Gregory Hartnell so afraid of? It seems to me anyone who spouts extremist phrases and attacks others instead of opening themselves up to collaborative, caring, education-based discussions is operating out of fear.

What is so dangerous about sustainability that Hartnell feels compelled to call it a “dangerous sustainable development myth?” If you don’t sustain your bank account, you fall into poverty. If you don’t sustain your emotions, you fall into a pit of panic, full of fear-inducing emotional phrases. If you don’t sustain your garden, the weeds take over. Similarly, if we don’t sustain our Earth, we won’t have enough to eat or fresh enough air to stay healthy.

I urge Gregory Hartnell to take a look at the movie, Cascading Ice. The beautiful photos of melted glaciers tell the story the way no list of scientific facts can. Then collaborate with us on what we can do. Don’t hide behind the fear of its danger — come join us and help out. All David Suzuki is doing is informing us, so we can make educated decisions. That’s hardly “cultist.”

Please, Mr. Hartnell, join the discussion, intelligently, respectfully and collaboratively.

Robin Roberts