LETTERS: Speed bumps need on Ocean Boulevard

LETTERS: Speed bumps need on Ocean Boulevard

A recent survey says 61 per cent want Ocean Boulevard open. The City of Colwood selectively uses the opinion survey results to make this claim, but declines to provide the results of only the Colwood respondents. The results are skewed by the commuters in the surrounding communities.

Whether fully or partially opened or closed, the critical issue is speeding.

The beach and lagoon area are enjoyed by many of all ages, walking, on bikes, with prams, pets, etc. There are unfortunately many who insist this is a commuting route or drag strip with little regard for the 40 km/h limit and the safety of others.

When asked, they decline to answer” “How many seconds or minutes are saved driving at 70-plus versus 40 km/h for the length of the lagoon in their commute downtown?” More importantly, what is their reaction time and stopping distance driving at 70-plus versus 40, when a vehicle suddenly backs out or someone steps out onto the road?

If they really are as concerned about our citizens as they profess, Colwood council must install traffic calming speed bumps.

David and Mei-sheng Shanks