Library fills a need role

Editorial on the position the Greater Victoria Public Library has taken as a provider of experiences

If anyone ever questions the need for libraries these days, just point to all the things the Greater Victoria Public Library is doing right to make our region a better place.

Kudos to the organization for its long-standing deals with the Royal B.C. Museum and Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to offer admission passes, on loan, that give individuals and families access to historically and culturally rich facilities in the Capital Region.

These partnerships help create a more engaged and educated population. That’s a very important piece of the puzzle that makes up a healthy community.

And the library’s new partnership with Saanich parks and rec is an innovative and unique way to help further complete that puzzle.

Providing library users – not just Saanich residents – with unimpeded access to Saanich’s four rec centres one week at a time will hopefully help build the foundation of healthy lifestyle habits. At the very least, it will give families lasting memories as they all go for a skate or swim together at no cost to them.

As the popularity of physical books declines, libraries are doing what they can to stay relevant. The direction the GVPL has taken is one that really can’t be criticized.

For decades, libraries were simply a place to go for access to books, movies and music. Now the GVPL is enabling residents to experience culture, history and recreation firsthand.

By providing these free passes, the GVPL and partner organizations are really demonstrating how strongly they believe in continued access to learning and recreation opportunities, no matter your financial situation.