Lower speed limits dumbs down driving

Re: Speed limits need a rethink (Our View, Aug. 16)

Re: Speed limits need a rethink (Our View, Aug. 16)

Your editorial bias is made perfectly clear. After saying the subject of chopping speed limits is up for reasoned debate, you then heap praise on those Luddites trying to cut them.

Those proposing cutting the limit to 40 km/h can’t drive and only want the rest of the populace forced down to their level of cowardice and incompetence.

With the current political climate that it is now politically correct to be anti-car and anti-driving, it all fits into the overall campaign to eliminate the private and car and personal driving.

If these zealots have their way, we’ll all be walking or taking the bus where our very move can be under police surveillance and monitoring.

Driving 50 km/h was established when it was the blanket speed limit, town and country.

The limit of 50 km/h was then what 100 km/h would be now, particularly when you consider the improvements made to the car, its brakes, tires, road holding, steering, lighting and too many other improvements to name. Try driving one of these classics from the 1920s or ’30s and you’ll see what I mean.

Anybody should be able to steer (as opposed to drive) a car at 40 km/h.

If 40 km/h goes through, then the requirement for driving tests, and driving lessons, should be removed. Just pay your road access fees and you’re good to go.

Paul Whitworth