Maple leaf story goes back 200 years

Colourful tale around the use of maple leaf by Canadians

Lately, there has been much focus on TV about the War of 1812.

It was during that conflict that Canada adopted the maple leaf as its emblem.

It started after a large number of Canadian soldiers were shot because of the red uniforms they wore in the battle against the Americans.

Their First Nations allies no doubt showed the Canadians the trick of cutting slits in their red blouses and inserting maple leafs for camouflage. This strategy saved the lives of many Canadian troops and gave them new confidence.

The Americans had previously adopted the colour blue to distinguish them clearly from the British redcoats in the War for Independence. Canada could not outright defeat the American army of 1812, but they did check them and from that time forward, the maple leaf was Canada’s emblem.

Joe Flynn