Mayor Desjardins rightfully serving her constituents

Burnside site for sewage plants would avoid residential and commercial impact

Re: Don’t pass the sewage buck (Editorial, May 15)

When I read this editorial calling Esquimalt Mayor Barbara Desjardins  “woefully self-serving” for putting forward a motion to consider a reasonable proposal for the site of the biosolids plant, I was so angry my heart raced.

The mayor is serving the community that she has sworn to represent, not herself. (I would welcome some similar representation from my own municipal council.)

She is also serving the taxpayers of the entire Capital Regional District by trying to stop this disastrous plan.

The proposed Burnside site does not have hundreds of residential and commercial assets surrounding it, vastly reducing the risks to people and property, and reducing the liability of the CRD (and the taxpayers of same).

Who knows, maybe the Burnside site won’t work either, but we won’t know if we don’t look at it.

Janet Riddell