Minimize excess projects to limit tax increases

Re: Rising taxes getting tiresome (News, June 10)

I note that my Victoria property taxes have increased by 52 per cent in 10 years, with no change in the state of the property. At this rate of increase, my taxes will be twice that of 2002 (the year I bought my house) by 2017, and four times as high by 2032. How are pensioners on a fixed income to cope with this?

This rate is unsustainable for taxpayers, and is likely to grow faster given incremental projects such as the new bridge and sewage treatment, not to mention current infrastructure problems which need work.

Our elected politicians need to work on the essentials. Kill the sewage project, as the scientific expertise is telling us it is not needed. If amalgamation helps to cut costs, then get that done soon!

Roel Hurkens