Missed chance on Spencer Road in Langford

Re: More fences planned for Spencer Road (News, Jan. 1)

Re: More fences planned for Spencer Road (News, Jan. 1)

With a mindset of The Car Reigns Supreme, the Ministry of Transportation is now trying to mitigate and remedy another missed opportunity for proper all-user infrastructure. And wasting more of our tax dollars in the process, instead of having provided a good solution in the first place.

“Build higher fences!” is the cry, as the head-shaking at pedestrians crossing where they’ve crossed for more than a generation was removed. It’s not just pedestrians, but people with bicycles and bags and hand carts.

A culvert underneath the road would have maintained access for non-vehicular traffic while alleviating the potential for over-height vehicle concerns on the highway. This was considered at the Old Island Highway where the Galloping Goose crosses (near Colwood Corners), but the decision was to re-route access.

Walking or cycling an extra couple of kilometres from Spencer to either the Millstream or Leigh overpasses is an unacceptable option for most. And for those who won’t do it, they will now get into their cars and drive around. Sometimes infrastructure planning is about keeping people out of their cars, and this was a missed opportunity to do that.

Paul LangLangford