Narrow-minded complaints don’t paint true picture

Criticisms of float planes unwarranted

Re: Feds tackle residents’ floatplane complaints (News, Oct. 5)

I wanted to write to express my frustration when picking up your paper and having to read about such narrow-minded complaints of such a small minority of the community.

There are several reasons why I feel this way.

For one, these people knew about the floatplanes when they decided to move in, so they should deal with the effects of their own decisions.

Secondly, the floatplanes only run during daylight hours, so it is not as if they are keeping residents awake or affecting their quality of life in any way.

Thirdly, not only are the floatplanes a nostalgic part of our West Coast culture, but they are also essential to tourism and the overall business community for those who have to travel to Vancouver and the rest of the province, fuelling the health of our local economy.

I wish that just once I could pick up the paper and hear about Coun. Lynn Hunter speaking about real issues, like what a great company Harbour Air is, how they keep hundreds of families gainfully employed, and what a great service they provide to thousands of British Columbians.

Chris Johnstone