NDP made wise choice with Dix

I followed both of the provincial leadership races with interest, and I have to say the NDP made an incredibly smart choice with Adrian Dix.

Experienced,  honest and fiercely intelligent, Dix was the only candidate from either party to make clear policy statements, so that people know where he stands.

Best of all, he produced credible plans for how he intends to pay for every promise he makes.

B.C. is hungry for positive change. Our environmental policies are a disgrace. Our health and education systems are being slowly strangled. A decade of cuts to our forest service  have left this precious resource wide open to abuse, neglect and outright theft. Our government finances are sinking in debt while we splurge on stadiums, casinos and tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals and corporations. There is not even a system of accountability to check whether those who receive these generous bonuses use them to create a single job.

All of this calls for a leader who is not afraid to lead. Adrian Dix has shown an impressive ability to tackle complex problems. He also actually has the courage to take a stand.

In contrast, the B.C. Liberals seem to be relying on photo ops and vague slogans about “families.”

Overall, I think the NDP made an inspired choice in Adrian Dix, who will be good for their party and good for all of B.C.

Pat Truelove