New Johnson Street Bridge will be solid, if not iconic

With state-of-the-art materials and design need no historic bells and whistles

An almost exact copy of the ill-fated Titanic is to be built. It is ‘almost,’ because instead of the plates for the hull being riveted, they will be welded.

No doubt the beams and cross-members on the new Johnson Street Bridge will be welded, thus avoiding crevice corrosion.

Steel alloys that were not available in 1910 will be used and will most surely extend the life of our new bridge well beyond 100 years, perhaps even 200.

With advances in the development of ultra-high performance concrete, it is possible that the underpinnings could withstand the most severe earthquake.

The new Titanic will retain the four stacks, despite the fact they will serve no useful purpose, but because they are ‘iconic.’

We could have four spinning top hats, or flags, above our bridge to make it ‘iconic.’

Dennis Parsons


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