Not a raging priority

Crossing the car centered two-way street of Bevan on foot or by car is a way more hazardous scene

Re: Consider Safety on Beacon Avenue, Dec. 11 letter by Jennifer Hill.

We have spent enough dollars beautifying this town. And it has been a great development but from my perspective, changing the traffic pattern again for three blocks on Beacon Avenue is not a raging priority.

An alteration will cost the town money that should be for badly needed upgrades in our neighborhoods such as sidewalks, curbs, street drainage improvement and road paving. On my curbless, sidewalk-less and unpaved for more than 30 years street, one must walk in the street avoiding traffic day and night.

If safety is to be a priority, then I think its about time we focused on these issues in our neighborhoods.

I have lived in Sidney for 22 years now and love this town. I have also come to appreciate and see the one-way section on Beacon Ave. as a much calmer traffic pattern and, as such, witness that it is a much safer design for pedestrians and for drivers.

Crossing the car centered two-way street of Bevan on foot or by car is a way more hazardous scene.

Christine Bender