Not all graffiti unsightly, commuter says

Removal of Douglas Street building mural disappointing

I live at one end of Douglas Street and work at the other end.

On my way home, I used to enjoy looking at the spray paint art on the parking lot side of 689 Bay St., beside the 50-50 Art gallery. When the wall was recently painted brown, I thought it was just a lull between paintings.

It’s not, though. Those amazing pieces of graffiti art have been ordered removed, never to return.

Now, every day that I commute I see that brown wall and am struck by its drab ugliness. Before this I tried to have some patience with the people who are zealous about graffiti removal, because I know it’s simply their nature to get wound up when things don’t look the way they like.

That patience has been exhausted. Not all art hangs in a museum. If I had any artistic ability I’d shop for some paint and join the fray.

Tania Harrold