Nurses provided excellent care in hospital

Reader appreciates excellent care by nurses at Victoria's Royal Jubilee Hospital

I have read many letters slagging the nurses in our hospitals.

Recently I spent eight of the nastiest days of my life in the cardiovascular unit of Royal Jubilee Hospital.

From the moment I walked through the door until I left, I was treated to the most professional, caring and concerned individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

In the middle of my stay, heavily drugged and nearly blind with pain, I remember thinking, what kind of person would one have to be to garner ill will from any one of these nurses?

I remember very little of those eight days except the pain, but I can vividly recall every name and face of the nurses – male and female – that cared for me.

To each and every one of the nurses that touched my life during that stay I offer a heartfelt thank you, which seems trite and inadequate, but I offer it nonetheless.

Bob Moncrieff