Oak Bay residents are retired but not expired

It seems Coun. Michelle Kirby believes Oak Bay is fast becoming an area of aged dodderers.

Re: Lost in the mail (News Jan. 17). It seems  Coun. Michelle Kirby believes that because “half the residents are over the age of 50,” Oak Bay is fast becoming an area of aged dodderers.

However, in the 21st century,  50-plus year olds are in the prime of life and when not working, can be seen running and riding about the village with happy, energetic smiles on their faces.

It is those of us who have exceeded the 65 or even 75-year mark who have to slow down but even then, the village centre regularly shows us busy about our business mostly unaided, wide awake and cordial in our behaviour.

For Kirby to question the curtailing of home mail deliveries, even partially, on the basis of supposed widespread frailty is false protest as is her suggestion that we need our mail deliverers to carry out daily health and safety checks on us at the same time. Give ‘em a break, because if the size of their mail bags is any indication, they have more than enough to keep them busy.

As with a great many issues, the problem with community mailboxes is a matter of who will fund the cost, so please Ms. Kirby, do leave us seniors out of the equation. After all, we have for some time been making our way to a nearby collection mailbox and even as far as the village post office when we have something to send.

Derrick Johns

Oak Bay