Oak Bay’s Uplands residents are no better protected

Re: OCP lacks teeth on building size (Letters Oct. 16).

Re: OCP lacks teeth on building size (Letters Oct. 16).

I applaud the person who wrote that longtime residents of this community don’t count any more This is looking more and more apparent. However, this person is mistaken in believing that residents of the Uplands are any better off.

We have lived in Oak Bay (Uplands) for many years and naively thought that the special bylaws and guidelines were there to protect the Uplands parkland and its residents. However, it appears that these rules are merely for decoration purposes since neither council nor the unelected design panel shows much interest in applying them properly.

The inappropriate construction happening next door to us and the War Memorial is a classic example of how rules, regulations and residents alike are being ignored by this council in its overzealous expansion plans.

The next election is a long way off, but hopefully it won’t be too late by then for residents to change things.

This is about the only change in Oak Bay which would appear to make any sense to me.

Paul Worsley

Oak Bay