Offended letter-writer likely confused

Narrow-minded point against freedom of the press irks reader

Re: Fair comment in murky depths (Letters, April 9)

Frank Trice’s letter states he is “highly confused and deeply offended” by numerous points in the Victoria News.

First, I’d suggest if he is so confused, then perhaps his deep offense is possibly unfounded. He likely is just confused.

But I suspect he’s not really that confused at all. I suspect he thinks that’s a pretty clever literary device to make a narrow-minded point against freedom of the press. That and his rather banal use of “quotes” “here” and “there.” And his amazingly tiresome rhetorical questions:  “please inform your readers as to the depths of ridicule, hyperbole, bad taste and horror to which the Victoria News may sink to in the future?” Come on, man.

Mr. Trice, there are so many wonderful targets out there. Why don’t you go “joust” against one that truly deserves some of your  “deep offense”?

Neil McAllister



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