Only minority are pro cull

How many deer are there in Oak Bay?

As one of the so-called vocal minority tree huggers (I also drive gas guzzling vehicles and eat meat) I was amused by the letter from the woman who wants a deer cull done now (letters March 12).

Obviously her irate letter showed how little she knows about the deer situation.

How many deer are there in Oak Bay? If she knows then please tell council as they don’t. Lyme disease? Another myth beaten to death.

Is she aware of the process put out by the provincial government regarding a cull or the permits required, let alone the brutal method in which it is proposed. I don’t think so and don’t think she cares.

Maybe her gardens have had a few flowers eaten or maybe she is one of the frustrated persons who wants to speed past the golf course on Cadboro Bay Road. If she wants to avoid hitting a deer with her vehicle may I suggest she not drive in the country.

I know that the real vocal minority are those who want the deer culled.

William Jesse

Oak Bay