Other uses for offsets in trusts become evident

B.C. should make Pacific Crime Trust to let criminals buy crime offsets

Re: Changes in store to B.C.’s carbon offsets program (News, Sept. 21)

I think we should declare B.C. the first province to be crime-neutral. Wouldn’t that be great?

This is how it would work: Set up a Crown corporation called Pacific Crime Trust. Criminals can then buy crime credits by buying offsets from the trust.

The trust would then fund crime-reduction projects to create an incentive for criminals to find ways to reduce their crime. Then criminals can have their consciences saved, and those criminals who buy offsets can be considered to have paid their debt to society so we wouldn’t need to have as many police, lawyers, courts and jails.

It might be considered a bit controversial because some beneficiaries might be drug gangs. One might think that “the principles are correct, but the implementation might need to be worked on.”

With this Pacific Crime Trust project, Premier Christy Clark could become the commissioner to the U.S., promoting crime as a way of creating jobs in the crime-prevention industry.

Dean Helm