Pandering to Liberals chafes readers

Re: Recall descends into ugly farce (B.C. Views, Jan. 19 )

William Butler Yeats must be spinning in his grave at the misuse of his words by a bellicose reporter who favours venom over the truth. Tom Fletcher has really stretched the limits of credibility with his references to Yeats’ masterpiece, The Second Coming. This is like Elmer Fudd quoting Shakespeare.

 With his dissection of the recall campaign, Fletcher just repeats his noxious modus operandi: Verbally impaling innocent people without actually interviewing them to get the facts. The columnist accuses canvassers of “abuse” of Oak Bay residents on hearsay evidence without giving recall organizers a chance to defend themselves. That is what I call low-brow reporting.  

Fletcher’s dime store journalism does not merit references to a literary master. In Yeats’ epic poem, he warns us of a future where “the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity.” Fletcher should heed the last few words.

Doreen Marion Gee