Parking rules ‘nickle and dime’ tourists

Downtown parking Victoria, parking meters, tourism

As tourists who paid $160 round ferry trip to come to Victoria to spend money faster than we could afford, I found it curious that I was constantly required to play musical parking spaces every 90 minutes or receive a $20 fine for each 90 minute violation complete with free tire decoration.

So instead of spending money in the quantity I had expected, I was practising and improving my parallel parking skills and constantly trying to convert $20 bills to $1 coins.

Because my spouse’s knee and hip are problematic it was impractical to use the long-term parking.

We older folks, who are not totally disabled, want to shop an area and then drive a few blocks to the next and park. So we must keep a careful watch on our watch, which certainly distracts from spending our tourist dollars.

One benefit, due to my clever idea of engaging my wife in your nickle and dime, or quarter and dollar, game is that I will likely save $300 from Victoria shop pockets as a result of the constant parking distraction.

I should thank the local and provincial government for the likely ferry subsidy and parking distraction which allowed me to view your lovely city at a substantial discount, although I doubt the shop owners should be so happy.

Gary Witt

Tulsa, Okla.