Party leader applauds students’ efforts

Improving student voting rates could raise profile of post-secondary issues

Re: Students aim to increase polling numbers (News, Feb. 13)

I am encouraged that student organizers are looking to increase the participation rate by students in the May 14 provincial election.

This is an important initiative. If all young adults were to vote, they could have a major influence on the outcome of the election.

As the students in your article point out, improving student participation could certainly get post-secondary issues higher up onto party platforms.

Investment in post-secondary and skills training is lagging in this province. Student debt upon graduation is climbing to unacceptable levels.

As a society we have to ensure our young people, of all backgrounds, can afford the education they need to help us build a better, sustainable future.

I urge every student to find out what the political parties of British Columbia propose to ensure we remain a well-educated, highly skilled society.

Visit party websites, contact candidates, ask questions and insist on answers. Young people, involved in the process of change, really are our best hope for a bright, sustainable and prosperous future.

Jane Sterk

leader, B.C. Green Party