Problems from the street contributed to teen’s murder

On the streets of Victoria and Vancouver, I met authors, artists, fishermen, ex-servicemen, lawyers, a former brain surgeon, an ex-school teacher, a politician, university graduates, a defrocked priest, a practical nurse and a real estate agent. Alcoholism, heroin, crystal methamphetamine and crack-cocaine, had snatched their very lives from them.

During my work with Connection to Freedom I have had the unique privilege of sharing my faith with people who had lost all hope.

My opinion is that the Pandora Street challenge stems from the closure of the needle exchange. Having said this, my purpose for writing Claudia Hendricks’ letter, “Murdered teen forgotten amid animal cruelty outrage” (Feb 9).

I designed a seminar in the name of Justin Wendland’s death. I spent many sleepless hours developing this seminar and sending out posters to organizations and Victoria councillors. The date of my presentation, eight people showed up.

Along with my school presentations team, for 17 years we shared the consequences of alcohol, drug abuse, violence and the streets. Justin, our thoughts and prayers continue for you and your family.

Be encouraged, Claudia, and thank you for your letter which was an encouragement to me.

Steve Bradley

Mustard Seed

ex-director of Connection to Freedom Jail and Street Outreach Society