Public health officials not supporting residents

It appears that our public health officials are also part-time psychics

As an affected Tanner Ridge resident, I have had my own health upset by the 24/7 onslaught of noxious odours from the “suspended” composting operation across the highway.

Commercial composting is well known to give off acetone, ammonia, ketones, sulphides, carcinogens such as benzene and methylene dichloride, plus quantities of a peculiar little spore known to cause a debilitating disease nicknamed Farmer’s Lung.

However, with absolutely no air testing by either VIHA or the Ministy of Environment, I have been assured by both that the toxic cloud which spreads from Hunt to West Saanich Roads is completely harmless. These assurances came to me in the shape of form letters from VIHA and Minister of the Environment.

VIHA has stated in writing that they “do not have a role in air quality testing or sampling”, yet in the same letter, they tell me that the air is safe. How can they come to this conclusion without testing?

Likewise, Ministry staff are also blessed with the ability to  glean information without testing. It appears that our public health officials are also part-time psychics.

Government agencies charged with protecting taxpayers health are completely failing us and hiding behind form letters rather than taking action.

KM Fry

Central Saanich