Questions need to be answered before deer cull takes place

What determines over-population?

I, like many in Oak Bay, am entirely against the proposed deer cull and would like to ask mayor and council the following:

You claim there is a deer overpopulation in Oak Bay. What determines over-population? Has anyone ever done a legitimate deer count? You have stated you will kill the deer. Does the population of Oak Bay agree? Have you ever had a referendum on this?

Maybe you have heard complaints from a few residents but people who enjoy seeing the deer won’t write or phone to complain about them.

There is a bylaw against feeding deer. Is it enforced?

There are car and deer accidents and I understand Cadboro Bay and Cedar Hill X roads are the worst areas. Have you increased deer awareness signage? Have you reduced speed limits? Does the Oak Bay Police Department have increased radar surveillance? Do you have proof that by killing 25 deer no others will replace them? You state some 40 deer have been killed by cars or other accidents, yet you still claim an overpopulation.

I think it would be prudent to look into the above questions and provide answers to residents before you consider a cull.

Roberta Chadwick

Oak Bay