Questions were an inquisition

Conny McBride clarifies decision to leave North Saanich council meeting

I would like to clarify my decision to leave the council meeting (of Aug. 19).

This was not taken lightly. In my opinion Coun. (Elsie) McMurphy’s questions were not to address the report but to call into question the ethics of Mr. Grifone and the ethics of council. In my opinion that was totally unacceptable and all for the purpose to discredit Mr. Grifone’s report.

Many residents and interested parties have contacted Mr. Grifone. Some individuals have sent numerous emails, and being a professional, Mr. Grifone has sifted through this information and compiled his report, reflecting the wishes of the majority of the residents of North Saanich.

This is not the first time that a speaker has been put through an inquisition of this type. It must stop. If the reports are not to your views, you try to discredit the speakers. Council will get on with the business of the District of North Saanich.

Conny McBride, Councillor

District of North Saanich