Raised bridge span a symbolic gesture

Johnson St. Bridge evokes the middle finger

This may be considered water under the bridge at this point, the Johnson Street Bridge, that is.

The pedestrian/rail span was closed suddenly due to safety hazards. Wise action by Victoria city council to protect from harm any Vic West resident planning to lead their pet pachyderm for a stroll to downtown, however, became a totally unnecessary inconvenience for the rest of us.

It has been entertaining, watching pedestrians dodge traffic to short-cut the circuitous bypass route posted, and the stressful interactions between drivers and cyclists. Council created a very real hazard to pedestrians and cyclists, that could have been delayed and shortened.

I see the prematurely raised bridge as a massive iron middle-finger gesture by council, to those who opposed their deficit spending agenda, a symbolic attempt (see, we told you it needed replacing) to justify their initial bridge replacement decision and the follow-up expensive PR campaign to achieve a supportive referendum outcome. Our reply will come on voting day.

Ron Stefik