Ramp costs too much

The upgrading of the Old Moose Hall in Saanichton has had overwhelming support in the community

With reference to the May 17 article Ramp Request Defeated in a Tie, several relevant items were not reported.

The upgrading of the Old Moose Hall in Saanichton (originally the Orange Hall built in the late 1890s) has had overwhelming support in the community.

My general contractor, architect and two engineers have worked with municipal staff to ensure all current code requirements have been met.

Wheelchair accessibility was included in the development plan and washrooms and a service counter have already been constructed and installed.

The issue of the wheelchair ramp, which is over 50 feet in length, is now at a cost of over $40,000 which has now made this cost prohibitive.

The point which has been overlooked is that a renovation of this type of building does not, by code, require accessibility via ramp.

At the public hearing for the project, accessibility issues were not addressed by the public or by the council regarding the approval of the development permit. We have strived to meet every code requirement in re-purposing this old building.

To our customers and friends we will continue to do our best, as we would like to re-open The Old Attic as soon as possible.

Vic Clive

Central Saanich