Resident calls mayor on endorsement line

Frank Leonard accepts endorsements if not giving them, writer points out

Re: Endorsements may not matter (Guest column, April 12)

If Saanich Mayor Frank Leonard sees so little value in endorsements, why is he such an avid recipient of them?

During the 2011 municipal election, Leonard took endorsements from former Mayor Hugh Curtis and former MP David Anderson.

Leonard then accepted endorsements from the Saanich Police Association and the Saanich Firefighters’ union, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 967.

In addition, Leonard has run a slate of candidates for the last three elections, the most recent of which included Susan Brice, Paul Gerrard, Nichola Wade and Leif Wergeland, which is, in itself, an endorsement.

His own website reads, “I also want to acknowledge those who endorsed me publicly during the campaign.”

What’s that old saying? It’s better to give than to receive?

Richard Atwell