Review of impaired penalties a step back

So, in the relentless quest for more votes, even at the possible expense of human lives, Rich Coleman is taking an impaired second look at the drink-driving laws to establish a “different balance.”

Translation; appease a lobby of those who have a vested interest in restoring the previous weak, ineffective laws.

The laws introduced by the B.C. government in Sept. 2010 were touted as being the toughest in Canada. Perhaps they were but in other countries, limits vary from 0.00 in Pakistan to a high of 0.09 in Cyprus. Our 0.08 is sky-high compared to 0.04 in Scandinavian countries.

U.K. has the same 0.08 rate as ours but penalties for infractions are much higher. Those with readings of over 0.12 can be fined over $10,000.00 with a six month jail term.

Yet somehow, U.K. vendors of alcohol, while forced to pay higher wages and benefits than ours, not only survive but prosper. What’s more, the customers pay a hefty 20 per cent tax as compared to our 12 per cent.

B.C. bar and retaurant owners don’t need our sympathy, they need responsible patrons.

There is no excuse for the government to revise the laws to make them more lenient. If they do, there can be little doubt that those who suffer loss as a result will attempt to hold the government responsible; and why shouldn’t they?

Jack Clover