Riders face long waits for fancified buses

I think the people operating local transit are deluded.

First they re-brand themselves changing colours of buses and bus stop signs. I’m sure the re-branding cost a considerable amount of money.

Then in January they stopped advertisements on monthly bus passes.

Then they wonder why there’s a budget shortfall.

Now there’s a decrease in ridership because they haven’t improved services, but fares are increasing.

Then transit says they need to decrease services!

To get out of their deluded thinking, they ought to be thinking about providing service instead of branding. If there is decent service, people will be happy to pay for it.

It’s very trying to wait for a bus for 45 minutes when you can walk there in the same amount of time, or when you have to travel west, but must first go east for 20 minutes to transfer at a bus stop downtown before going heading west again.

Michael Cote