Safety virtually built in for European cyclists

Roads in Greater Victoria not built for safety of bike riders

Re: Wearing a helmet is critical for cyclists’ safety (Letters, March 29)

It was nice to see my letter generated a response. Unfortunately, the writer seems to think I’m against cyclists wearing helmets and has completely missed the point.

Cyclists across Canada should always wear helmets for the very reason I pointed out. In Europe, cyclists often have their own separated, barrier-protected lanes and are virtually safe, so helmets are not an issue there.

Victoria roads, however, sometimes have a painted line – no protection at all – or else must squeeze in along the curb, forcing motorists to veer into the left lane and go around them, creating the possibility of accidents.

I feel sorry for cyclists who do their best by wearing helmets, riding with the traffic, etc. In spite of their best behaviours, there has not been any recognition of their need for improvements so they can travel more safely.

A while back, David Suzuki and one of his daughters traveled to Copenhagen for a CBC special. One of the things they noticed was how nice it was to cycle there. No one wore helmets because there was no danger of being in an accident with a car.

Until North American culture changes so our world doesn’t revolve around cars, even the best road improvements for cyclists here do not mean people should forego wearing helmets.

Helene Harrison