Schools, hospitals should reconsider Wi-fi stance

Last month the World Health Organization changed their position with respect to microwave radiation. They now recognise the radiation emitted from cell phones and by extension other wireless communications such as Wi-fi routers and smart meters as a possible carcinogen.

The Greater Victoria school district held a hearing on wireless technology in the schools. During the process much was said about the WHO. Now that it is recognised as potentially hazardous will the school board and others adjust their position and acceptance of wireless to follow the precautionary principle?

The new wing of the Royal Jubilee Hospital makes extensive use of wireless communications. Will the VIHA board recognise the knowledge represented by the WHO and act to protect the health of patients and staff? Where is Worksafe B.C. in addressing this issue?

Will B.C. Hydro suspend the introduction of smart meters until they are proven safe? We expect agencies such as hospitals and the provincial government to protect the public’s health. Why are they promoting the use of a technology that has a strong probability of causing harm?

Norm Ryder