Secondhand smoke akin to bird poop in downtown Victoria

Reader appalled by amount of secondhand smoke in downtown Victoria

Re: Smokers kicked to the curb (News, Oct. 4)

I came to Victoria on a beautiful September afternoon in 2012 for a job interview.

Walking along Douglas I was appalled by the amount of (a) bird poop; and (b) smokers.

I mentioned this during my interview and my interviewer told me, “The rain washes away the bird poop, nothing we can do about the smokers.” So far, she is right.

Walking down Douglas is unpleasant because of the amount of sunny-day smokers perched on benches (i.e. in front of the Bay Centre and at the Royal Bank bus hub) and, during less clement weather, lurking beneath canopies when possible.

I am a former smoker and frankly I don’t care if someone chooses to smoke in their own environment, but I am tired of smokers imposing their habit on me in public places and spaces. The rain doesn’t wash it away. By the way, time to do something about the bird crap too.

Brenda Montgomery




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