Separating Saanich something to ponder

Idea of creating larger municipalities comes with major administrative costs

Re: Larger municipalities, larger costs (Letters, Jan. 10)

Emma Kirkpatrick asserts that the majority of local services have been “proven” to be most effectively provided by municipalities with populations no larger than 20,000.

In the name of efficiency, therefore, I propose that her own municipality of Saanich, whose population is already well over 100,000 and growing, be subdivided into six separate townships, each with its own mayor and council.

Considerable cost savings should be achieved by adding five new mayors, up to 40 extra councillors, five new police and fire departments and various planning, engineering and administrative posts to the local governance of our geographically compact region. That’s according to the “evidence” Kirkpatrick claims is ignored by Amalgamation Yes and its supporters.

I am sure other major Western Canadian cities that function well with one mayor, 10 or so councillors, one police force, one fire service and one city hall would be amazed that Greater Victoria could gain greater efficiency and fiscal prudence by creating yet more separate and independent administrative units.

John Weaver