Should menacing dog species be banned?

Letter writer asks if B.C. should follow Ontario's lead

While out for our daily walk on the evening of July 24, my elderly schnauzer, Winston, was savagely attacked by two dogs at the corner of Avebury and Haultain avenues, a residential part of Fernwood.  

The attackers’ intention was to kill. I had to physically beat them off. Wounds from this unprovoked surprise assault required medical attention for both myself and Winston. Fortunately he is recovering.  I would like to thank the many caring neighbours who immediately came out of their homes and offered assistance. The concern and kindness expressed during this traumatic event is deeply appreciated.

  I do wonder about the type of person who would keep a dog such as a pit bull or Rottweiler as a “pet,” when there are so many breeds available that make appropriate companions.  

  The ownership of a dangerous animal would seem an attempt to compensate for a personal lack of confidence. Ontario has banned certain breeds as a menace to public safety, especially to small children. Should we not do the same?

Ron Stefik