Spoiler ending for Gracepoint?

Reader anticipates different ending for locally filmed TV series

I am delighted that various areas of Greater Victoria and Sidney will benefit from the production of Gracepoint, a remake of the highly popular British show Broadchurch.

However, please tell me there will be a different ending – a different murderer.

The main reason Broadchurch was so successful in the UK, apart from superb acting and photography, was that it was a genuine whodunnit.

Nobody guessed who the murderer was until the very last episode. Now that we all know (or soon will from friends who cannot keep a secret) who the murderer is, just what is the point?

Pauline Mills


Editor’s note: Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly revealed in January that Gracepoint will indeed feature a different ending than Broadchurch. So watch with anticipation, Pauline.