Stranger’s kind gesture appreciated during gas leak scare

Resident appreciated Beach Drive homeowner's offer of shelter during apartment dwellers' wait to go back home

On a recent Friday (Oct. 25) around 10 p.m., a gas leak forced tenants to evacuate an apartment building on Beach Drive and move as far away as the bus shelter at Willows Park.

It was cold and dark and there was no place for everyone to sit. So we stood, leaned and supported each other, waiting for the all-clear.

A neighbour from across the street came to offer us shelter in his home, but because we were expecting to be told we could return to our building at any moment, I don’t believe anyone accepted his invitation.

I don’t know his name or which house he came from, so I can’t thank him personally and tell him his kindness made me grateful and proud to have such a caring neighbour.

This is a public thank you to whomever you are.

After what seemed like an hour, the leak was found and corrected. What could have been a disaster was an uncomfortable but illuminating experience.

Bev Mitchell

Oak Bay