Study on traffic in Victoria’s James Bay would be a waste of money

Anti-auto group stands to gain unwarranted credibility

It was predictable that an anti-auto troupe would ask for a pilot study on lowering speeds in James Bay.

They have no evidence to support their meddlesome suggestions, and little likelihood of success in a larger arena.

With the expenditure of thousands of dollars on another pilot study they stand to gain unwarranted credibility.

What was not predictable was the support of the Victoria News editor for such a pilot study. This was after conceding there was no apparent safety issue involved and the only benefit was that it was “an effective conversation starter”

I am a Victoria taxpayer and would like to think there are better ways of starting conversations.

Victoria has many important and current issues where our tax dollars could be directed effectively with the possibility of positive results. Spending the money on pilot studies reducing the legal speeds is not one of these.

R.C. Creech